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Brinco Water recycles oilfield produced water for reuse in oil & gas operations.

There are no chemicals used in the treatment process and our systems are scalable to meet small or large processing demands.

Brinco Water provides advanced fully automated equipment, on-site & off-site monitoring, and maintenance support for a $/bbl fee.

Features and Benefits

Guaranteed consistent output water quality (Brinco Ultra):

Reduced trucking cost

Recover 100% of oil & hydrocarbons

Reduced cost of water acquisition

Remove bacteria & organics

Reduced chemical costs at well site

Remove TSS

Consistent output water quality

Remove TSS

Consistent output water quality

Remove Arsenic

Remove Iron Sulphide

Brinco Ultra water can be desalinated to output a pure desalinated water (Brinco Zero) & heavy brine water (Brinco ten)

Modular & scalable systems, 5,000BPD – 100,000BPD

No chemicals used in treatment process


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